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0191 420 4292

British Friends of Shema Kolenu

0191 420 4292
Contact: Rachel Fisher
212 Alexandra Road,
Tyne & Wear
Registered Charity Number: 1090153

For many the cost of hearing aids and therapy might as well be a million pounds.

Deaf children, if given the correct early intervention, are able to integrate into mainstream society. If they miss out, few will ever catch up and will be dependent on us for the rest of their lives.

At Shema Kolenu early intervention, together with pioneering medical science and technology, are crucial to unlocking a child's ‘silent’ world. Our medical team, including ENT specialists, speech, musical and movement therapists, ensure that each child is accommodated along with their related/unrelated disabilities and we support the parents coping with this unexpected trauma and challenge. Our regional branches throughout Israel cater for all. Find out more by contacting

(0)20 8371 1500

British Friends of the Rambam Medical Centre

(0)20 8371 1500
Contact: Mrs Anita Alexander-Passe - Director
Flat 1, Opal Court
120 Regents Park Road
N3 3HY
Registered Charity Number: 1028061

Rambam Medical Center in Haifa aspires to lead in all aspects of medical care on behalf of the two million population living in Northern Israel. Paediatrics is a speciality as is research to increase knowledge of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases.

An underground emergency hospital in case of terrorist attacks has now been inaugurated.  The hospital is just by the port area in Haifa and near to chemical factories, and thus vulnerable to enemy action in times of war.  Incubators for babies, ventilators, beds for the burns unit, infusion pumps etc. etc. are all needed.

Bequests are truly appreciated for all departments.  Donations always acknowledged.   Plaques and commemorations available.

(0)20 8202 9297

Camp Simcha

(0)20 8202 9297
Contact: Neville Goldschneider
The House
12 Queens Road
Registered Charity Number: 1044685

Founded in 1995, Camp Simcha exists to improve the quality of life for Jewish children in the UK with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Family Liaison Officers provide practical and emotional support to parents and an army of volunteers provides powerful positive experiences to children, including siblings. These experiences have the power to transform quality of life. They include Big Brother, Big Sister volunteers, parties and outings, special tailor-made treats, family retreats, a summer day scheme, respite care, hospital transport and many more services specifically designed to ease the immense stress that families suffer from. Camp Simcha provides all services free of charge to families from across the spectrum of Jewish observance and affiliation. The charity is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions.

(0)20 8202 2211

Chai Cancer Care

(0)20 8202 2211
Contact: Lisa Steele - Chief Executive
144-146 Great North Way
Registered Charity Number: 1978956

Chai Cancer Care is the community’s cancer support organisation, providing a range of services including counselling for families, individuals and couples; complementary therapies; children, teenage and family services; home support services; group activities and support groups and the Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Service. Services are available to cancer patients and their families in the flagship North West London Centre, South London, Essex, Hackney, Southend, South Manchester, North Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Glasgow.

President: Lord Young; Chairman: Louise Hager; Chief Executive: Lisa Steele.

(0)20 8458 9999

Ezer Mizion (British Friends of)

(0)20 8211 1023

Friends of Rachashei Lev

(0)20 8211 1023
Contact: Abraham Zonszajn - Trustee
22, St. John's Road
NW11 0PG
Registered Charity Number: 1085350

‘CANCER’ – the one word that can provoke our deepest fears. Nothing can be more important in Society than the health and welfare of our children. They represent our future and there is ample evidence that appropriate investment in their health and welfare pays unparalleled dividends for the future.

In the ever-advancing world of medicine, Rachashei Lev stays focused. With a team of 500 volunteers and 21 professional staff we offer ongoing quality recreational, educational and financial support programmes. We passionately believe in the power of fun to overcome the challenges that cancer brings. That’s why you’ll find that fun flows through absolutely everything we do – from our programmes to our entire philosophy.

(0)20 3400 2361

Friends of the Israel Cancer Association

(0)20 3400 2361
Contact: Jonathan Morris - Honorary Treasurer
c/o Berwin Leighton Paisner
Adelaide House, London Bridge
Registered Charity Number: 260710

The Charity raises funds for the Israel Cancer Association (ICA). The ICA plays a prominent national role in the fields of detection, research, treatment and education, supporting oncological institutes, nationwide screening, patient care and information services.

(0)20 7435 0836

Friends of the Sick

(0)20 7435 0836
Contact: Nelly Brotzen
463a Finchley Road
Registered Charity Number: 210472

Friends of the Sick (Chevrat Bikkur Cholim) provides assistance to the sick and the frail in the Jewish Community. We believe no one should have to cope with illness or old age on their own. We send paid carers to look after our patients; some of them have little or no family support around them. Our approach is informal. We aim to respond promptly to requests for help. Many of our clients cannot afford the cost of our subsidised carers. Please help us make sure no one is turned away because of financial constraints.

(0)20 8371 6611

Jewish Blind & Disabled (JBD)

(0)20 8371 6611
Contact: Hazel Kaye - Chief Executive
35 Langstone Way
Bittacy Hill, Mill Hill East
Registered Charity Number: 259480

One in five people in the UK suffers from physical disability or impaired vision with most facing this as a shocking and unexpected diagnosis that threatens to disrupt the rest of their life. Jewish Blind & Disabled is the only Jewish charity dedicated to enabling people in this position to maintain their vital independence both through our unique developments of state-of-the-art mobility apartments with 24/7 on site support and, for those we are unable to house, through our new free-to-use online resource providing tailor-made information on products and ideas that can enable people to do essential everyday tasks wherever they may live.

Only through the generosity of our supporters are we able to continue to develop and manage these vital facilities.

(0)20 8201 5900

Magen David Adom UK

(0)20 8201 5900
Contact: Daniel Burger
Shield House
Harmony Way, off Victoria Way
Registered Charity Number: 1113409

Magen David Adom is Israel's only ambulance and medical emergency service. For over 60 years Magen David Adom UK has raised funds for medical equipment, ambulances, bloodmobiles and stations to benefit ALL Israel's citizens - Arabs, Christians, Druze and Jews. The organisation also collects and supplies 300,000 units of blood each year and is responsible for all Israel's first aid and pre-hospital medical emergency training. As a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Magen David Adom works internationally to share its support and expertise with those in need around the world. Magen David Adom is a non-Governmental, not-for-profit organisation that depends on the generosity of supporters like you to save more lives.

(0)20 8455 9579

Rishon Multiple Sclerosis Aid Group

(0)20 8201 8933

Shaare Zedek UK

(0)20 8201 8933
Contact: Simi Ben Hur
766 Finchley Road
NW11 7TH
Registered Charity Number: 1143272

Imbued throughout with Jewish values, the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem is renowned for its unparalleled levels of medical excellence, care and compassion for all - regardless of race, religion or financial circumstances. However, this world class hospital does not receive any government funding for equipment or development and so is dependent on donations and legacies for these essential elements.

As Jerusalem’s busiest hospital Shaare Zedek plays a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of this special city. In turn, Shaare Zedek’s friends in the UK play a crucial role in enabling the hospital to maintain and develop its international reputation.

(0)15 1724 3260

Stapely Residential and Nursing Home

020 8953 6474

UK Friends of the Schneider Children's Hospital

020 8953 6474
Contact: James Larholt - Treasurer
29 The Rise
Registered Charity Number: 1127678

Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel is a paediatric tertiary care hospital, providing medical care from birth to age eighteen.

Since its inception in 1991, Schneider Children’s has made an indelible contribution to Israeli healthcare and is Israel’s leading children’s hospital in the fields of bone marrow and organ transplants; endocrinology and diabetes; oncology, and cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.  The Medical Center has the busiest emergency room in the country, and has pioneered advanced surgical, therapeutic and research protocols.

Schneider Children’s treats children in Israel and from neighbouring countries, serving as a ‘bridge to peace’ in the region.

(0)20 7424 6860

Weizmann UK

(0)20 7424 6860
Contact: Sheridan Gould - Executive Director
9 Hampstead Gate
1a Frognal
Registered Charity Number: 232666

Weizmann UK supports and raises awareness of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. It is one of the world’s highest ranking multidisciplinary scientific research institutes. Its dedicated scientists are working on over a thousand projects ranging from Alzheimer’s to astrophysics, from cancer to computer science, from nutrition to nanotechology. They are following their curiosity to make discoveries that aim to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Our role at Weizmann UK is to fundraise to support the Institute’s invaluable work and communicate its scientific breakthroughs. We promote collaboration between the Institute and UK Universities and we encourage sixth-form students to take part in the Institute’s educational programmes. We host events to fundraise for and show-case the extraordinary work of the Weizmann Institute.

(0)20 8731 8150

Zichron Menachem (British Friends of Zichron Menachem)

(0)20 8731 8150
Contact: Eli Seliger - Chairman
30 Brookside Road
NW11 9NE
Registered Charity Number: 1102612

Suppose you are a parent whose child has been diagnosed with cancer and your whole world has come to an end. Suppose you are a boy or girl, suddenly in pain and discomfort, being examined and prodded by doctors, living in hospital away from your family and friends. Now relax because there is a loving, caring organization that can bring hope out of despair. The therapeutic effect of all that Zichron Menachem does, including its Jerusalem Day Centre and camps in the UK and Holland has to be seen to be believed. ZM services are available to all Israeli families.

We cannot take the sickness away from the child but Zichron Menachem takes the child away from the sickness.

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