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Jonny Cline, founder of UK Toremet, explains how the Jewish Charity Guide website DONATE buttons work and how UKT helps donors manage their philanthropy. For further information contact him at

 Many of the advertisers and Israeli charities featured in this guide can now receive online donations through the partnership between UK Toremet and the Jewish Charity Guide. Our website offers an online giving portal for nearly 200 UK, Israeli and international Jewish charities. Donors can research advertisers and donate online with just a few clicks at  

 By January 2023, over 120 charity advertisers in the Jewish Charity Guide had received  donations from online visitors.

UK Toremet CEO Jonny Cline explains: ‘We are proud to partner with the long-established and highly respected Jewish Charity Guide to facilitate philanthropy among individual donors, companies, giving circles, and their financial and legal representatives. Transforming the Jewish Charity Guide website into an online giving portal has made it easier for people to donate, and encourages the younger generation of donors, who are more comfortable donating online, to discover and support the charities of their choice. In particular, UK Toremet makes it easier to gift money to charities outside the UK by facilitating a UK tax receipt and Gift Aid qualification.’

Alongside the Jewish Charity Guide website, UK Toremet has its own website ( listing charities (Recipient Agencies) which operate according to UK charity law guidelines, to facilitate tax-efficient online donations to good causes around the world. ‘Since many philanthropic organizations in Israel and overseas do not have UK offices or bank accounts, UK Toremet acts as their fiscal sponsor, issuing UK tax receipts and re-granting the money to their project of choice’, explains Cline. ‘There are many good causes with small budgets that UK donors rarely come across, which we are happy to showcase on the UKT website,’ says Jonny.

As of 2013, UK Toremet has also been offering charity account management services to individuals, companies, giving circles, and charitable trusts, including full account management facilities. A charity account can help people to allocate regular sums to charity and manage their donations online. You can arrange a monthly direct debit, make payments via credit card, or link your charity account to your Give As You Earn scheme. Donors can access and print statements listing all their donations, which can be useful for preparing annual accounts. A one-time Gift Aid Declaration and charity receipt covers all your donations and cuts down your paperwork.

A UKT Charity Account can be used to streamline your School Voluntary Payments and Charity Membership Fees, or to support anything charitable in the UK or EU or any UK Toremet Recipient Agency. You can even recommend a charity that you wish to support and if it qualifies under UK charities law we will facilitate your donation – unlike many charity account schemes run by individual charities, we will not limit your (legal) choices! UK Toremet will also accept charity cheques and vouchers from other charity accounts. Many charity accounts impose restrictions on their members, so UK Toremet can extend their donation opportunities by processing their cheque or voucher in the UK and re-granting the funds to charities outside the UK.

UK Toremet exists to make it more convenient and tax-efficient to support the charities of your choice, in the UK and overseas. We keep our costs to a minimum – our fee is just 5% of 125% of your starting balance, so if you pay £5000 into your account and sign a Gift Aid form, we will take our fee from the Gift Aid and credit £5937.50 to your account! There are no further deductions when you make allocations to charities – they receive 100% of the amount you specify. UK Toremet (Registered Charity No. 1140972) is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board scheme, committed to the highest standards in fundraising.

Together with the Jewish Charity Guide, UK Toremet invites you to visit our websites to click-start your philanthropy and manage

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