Tracing Jewish Charities

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Jewish charities that have merged with, or been amalgamated into, other organizations.

A number of Jewish charities are well over 100 years old, and in that time, their activities and services have changed in tune with the needs of their clients. Homes and hospitals, soup kitchens and distributors of welfare payments, special needs schools and organizations that rescued and supported Jews from Nazi Germany have long since merged with organizations such as Norwood, World Jewish Relief and Jewish Care.

In order to help executors of wills that were made some years back, we list some of the organizations that have merged with other, usually larger, Jewish charities, giving their original UK registered charity numbers (in brackets) to make identification simpler.

We are keen to hear from other Jewish charities with similar information to offer for publication in our 2016 guide.

Organisations that have merged with JEWISH CARE (Tel: 020 8922 2000, Registered Charity No. 802559) include:

Jewish Welfare Board (209723)

Jewish Blind Society (202820)

The Jewish Home and Hospital at Tottenham (205946)

Food for the Jewish Poor (Soup Kitchen) (208901)

British Tay-Sachs Foundation (249221)

Waverly Manor (Friends of the London Jewish Hospital) –

now Clore Manor (212203)

Brighton & Hove Jewish Home – now Hyman Fine House (219267)

Stepney Jewish (B’nai Brith) Clubs & Settlements (211162)

Redbridge Jewish Youth & Community Centre (Sinclair House) (303185)

Collaboration with Jami (1003345).



In 1996, Norwood Child Care merged with the Ravenswood Foundation to create NORWOOD (Registered Charity No. 1059050, Tel: 020 8809 8809), which is now the UK’s largest Jewish charity supporting people with learning disabilities and children and families in need. Also incorporated under the Norwood banner are two specialist education and therapy services, Binoh (Registered Charity No. 291978) and The Hope Centre (Registered Charity No. 1056674), and Sussex Tikvah (Registered Charity No. 286802), a registered care home for Jewish adults with learning disabilities.

WORLD JEWISH RELIEF (Registered Charity No.290767, Tel: 020 8736 1250) began life as the CBF (Central British Fund, also 290767) in 1933, and was set up to rescue Jews from the horrors of Nazi Germany. To reflect the global nature of their work, they changed their name from CBF to World Jewish Relief in 1994 and in 2007, were fully integrated with World Jewish Aid, to create World Jewish Relief.

FEDERATION OF JEWISH SERVICES, MANCHESTER (The Fed) / HEATHLANDS VILLAGE(Registered Charity No. 1117126, Tel: 0161 772 4800) In November 2009 Manchester Jewish Federation merged with Heathlands Village to form the Federation of Jewish Services (FJS). Since January 2012 FJS has been known as ‘The Fed’.


The merger of Nightingale House (Registered Charity No. 207316, Tel: 020 8673 3495) and Hammerson House (Registered Charity No. 286002, Tel: 020 8458 4523) was completed in April 2011 to create Nightingale Hammerson.



The Morris Feinmann Home was closed in March 2013 to enable development of a new state-of-the-art Jewish care home on the same Didsbury site. Morris Feinmann Home residents transferred to Allingham House, Timperley, which is providing a kosher kitchen and Jewish environment with the full support of the Morrris Feinmann Home trustees. Further information from Dawn Collett at Allingham House Tel: 0161 929 1783.


The Industrial Dwellings Society (IDS), (Registered Society No. 14044, Tel:020 8800 9606) has taken over the Otto Schiff Housing Association.

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