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Foreword To say that the fifteen months that have elapsed since the last edition of the Jewish Charity Guide have been challenging is a complete understatement.  Covid-19 has affected life throughout the world, bringing death and disability, sending whole nations into social isolation, and causing enormous financial problems in its wake. The charity sector in […]

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Tracing Jewish Charities

Click here for the Foreword ‘MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS’ Jewish charities that have merged with, or been amalgamated into, other organisations. A number of Jewish charities are well over 100 years old, and in that time, their activities and services have changed in tune with the needs of their clients.  Homes and hospitals, soup kitchens and […]

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Jewish Helplines and Funding

Click here for the Foreword HELP! JEWISH TELEPHONE HELPLINES / ENQUIRY DESKS / SUPPORT GROUPS / GRANT MAKING TRUSTS In an age when most people have access to a telephone, the helpline has become an important addition to the range of services Jewish charities can offer the Community. Anonymous, confidential, safe and easily accessible, helplines […]

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Charity Shops / Donations

Click here for the Foreword We Also Need… The editors of the Jewish Charity Guide are often approached for details of charities or organisations that accept ‘good as new’ clothing, furniture, bric-à-brac and other goods for sale through charity shops or to be distributed to the needy. Jewish museums and art galleries are also delighted […]

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Searching for Heirs

Click here for the Foreword What Happens if You Die Intestate? The term ‘Bona Vacantia’ literally means ‘vacant goods’ and is the legal name for ownerless property, left by someone who dies intestate (ie. without making a will), without known kin and whose property, by law, then passes to the Crown. The work of Bona […]

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