UK Jewish Charity List

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0161 174 6678

Academy for Rabbinical Research

020 7794 9696

Academy of Young Jewish Artists

+972 9 745 1126

Access Israel

020 8731 8988

Achisomoch Aid Co Ltd

+972 2 650 5276


020 8800 9899

Afikim -Israel Family Enrichment Association

020 8800 6688

Agudas Israel Community Services

07758 727 328

Ahada Bereavement Counselling

+972 77 780 7810

Ahavat Rachamim

020 8457 4444

Aish UK

020 8385 3070

AJR Charitable Trust

+972 35 4620 760


07947 841 553

Alan Senitt Memorial Trust (The)

(0)80 8234 3782

Aleh Charitable Foundation

(0)80 8234 3782
Contact: Dov Hirth
37 Ferncroft Avenue
Registered Charity Number: 327766

ALEH is a rehabilitative network of centres caring for Israel's most severely disabled children and adults. Established in 1982 by a group of determined parents, ALEH believes that every individual, regardless of the severity of the physical or cognitive disability, has the right to benefit from the best available care and develop to his or her full potential. ALEH's four facilities provide 650 children and young adults with all the specialised services they need to live a quality life. In addition, ALEH's outpatient services for the disabled will provide some 32,000 treatments in the coming year. As Israel's largest organisation for the severely disabled, ALEH's groundbreaking rehabilitative concepts are changing social perceptions regarding care for the most vulnerable amongst us.

(0)20 8381 1717

All Aboard Shops Ltd

(0)20 8381 1717
Contact: Carol Marks - Executive Director
1-3 Boot Parade
High Street
Middx, N16 5RT
Registered Charity Number: 1125462

All Aboard operate Charity Shops for the benefit of UK-based Jewish Charities and welcome donations of clothing, bric-a-brac, jewellery and collectables, linens, books and household items. All Aboard welcome volunteers to assist in the shops and at Head Office. Shops located in the following areas: Barnet, Borehamwood, East Finchley, Edgware, Finchley Central, Golders Green, Hendon, Manchester, Mill Hill, Paddington, Ruislip, Stamford Hill, Streatham, Swiss Cottage, Temple Fortune, Tally Ho and West Hampstead.

+972 3 534 2221

Alzheimer Ramat Gan Center

+972 2 652 4017

Amutat Keren Kagan

020 8349 5754

Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

020 8458 1284

Anglo-Israel Association

020 7443 5169

Anglo-Jewish Association

020 7284 5858

Anne Frank Trust UK

+972 2 651 1936


020 8349 6650

Assembly of Masorti Synagogues

+972 4 866 0777

Association of Law in the Service of the Elderly (The)

020 8457 1118

ATID Lahaim

+972 54 432 2492

Aviv LeNitzolei Shoa

+972 8 52 760 8425

Ayelet Hashachar

+972 8 938 0106

Ayelet Hashachar


020 8386 0130

B'nai B'rith UK

020 7603 5847

Balfour Diamond Jubilee Trust

+972 52 232 2336

Baruch UMarpeh

+972 52 476 7379

Bat Melech UK

020 8888 0891

Before Trust

020 8211 8081

Beis Brucha

020 8806 3336

Beis Malka

+972 4 832 3260

Beit Dina Home for the Elderly

(0)20 8458 2455

Beit Halochem UK

(0)20 8458 2455
Contact: Spencer Gelding - CEO
Lower Ground Floor
7 Golders Park Close
NW11 7QR
Registered Charity Number: 1146950

Beit Halochem UK is a registered charity which is responsible for raising funds for the four Rehabilitation Centres in Israel.
Today, the organization cares for over 51,000 disabled veterans and victims of terror, providing them with medical treatments, such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, sporting facilities such as basketball, swimming, tennis, athletics and maritime sports, as well as numerous cultural and social activities designed specifically for the disabled soldiers and their families.
Our aim is to help our members to regain their strength and rebuild their broken bodies and souls.

+972 04 698 8382

Beit Sabim

+972 52 232 2336


+972 03 538 8446

Ben Yehuda Synagogue

020 7446 8558

Ben-Gurion University Foundation

+972 50 34 4585

Beth David Institute

01623 383 627

Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre

0161 178 7898

Big Brother

+972 54 236 4422

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel

0121 459 3819

Birmingham Jewish Community Care

0121 144 4044

Birmingham Jewish Education Board

0121 144 6673

Birmingham Lubavitch Centre

(0)20 7543 5400

Board of Deputies Charitable Foundation

(0)20 7543 5400
Contact: Gillian Merron - Chief Executive
37 Kentish Town Road
Registered Charity Number: 1058107

The Board of Deputies protects, supports and defends the interests and religious rights and customs of British Jews and promotes the development of the British Jewish community. For over 250 years the Board has taken part in all developments affecting the political and civil rights of British Jews. It represents the views of the community to Government and other public bodies on policy and legislative matters affecting British Jews, and provides information about the Jewish community to the non-Jewish world. The Board examines legislative proposals which may affect Jews. It collects statistical and demographic information and undertakes research on and for the community. It maintains contact with Jewish communities around the world and promotes solidarity with Israel.

020 8805 0685

Boinei Olam - Tomorrow A Child

020 7486 0111

Brady Maccabi

01273 354 600

Brighton & Hove Jewish Welfare Board

01273 332 919

Brighton & Hove Lubavitch Foundation

(0)20 7486 7394

British Friends of Bar-Ilan University

020 7404 1437

British Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem

020 3400 1000

British Friends of Council for a Beautiful Israel

020 7604 5900

British Friends of Gesher

(0)20 7724 3777

British Friends of Haifa University

07971 158 346

British Friends of Hayim

020 8349 0337

British Friends of Israel War Disabled

020 7629 6666

British Friends of Migdal Ohr

(0)20 8952 4717

British Friends of Neve Shalom

(0)20 8952 4717
Contact: Benita Hide - Director
192b Station Road
Middx, HA8 7AR
Registered Charity Number: 290062

In Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam Jewish and Arab Israelis have successfully co-existed for the last 40 years as a symbol of hope within Israel. The Primary School and Kindergarten, the first of their kind in Israel, educate through bi-lingual and bi-cultural programmes respecting all aspects of their pupils' heritage. The School for Peace is renowned for its work in transforming conflict. Programmes are designed for Jewish and Arab students, professional adults and academics. They honestly challenge the issues they face as citizens within modern Israel. Empowered with new skills and incentives they return to their communities to create positive change. The Pluralistic Spiritual Centre reinforces the values, practices and identity of different faiths through projects that work together towards peaceful co-existence. All this we support.

020 7330 0000

British Friends of Orchos Chaim

0161 166 3492

British Friends of Shaerit Israel

(0)20 8387 4135

British Friends of Shalva

(0)20 8387 4135
Contact: Juliet Summerfield
Unit 239 Kinetic Business Centre
Theobold Street
Registered Charity Number: 1081887

Since 1990, Shalva has provided a wide range of round-the-clock, award-winning programmes and therapies, which enable mentally and physically challenged children to live at home. Cutting-edge programming includes an after-school activity centre, overnight respite programme, crisis counselling, day and sleep-away camps, Me and My Mummy early intervention (0-3 years old), and an integrative nursery. Parents and siblings are offered much-needed respite from the demands of incessant care. All programmes are free of charge and open to children from all backgrounds. Due to pressing needs, a new 200,000 square ft National Centre is due to open in 2016, in the heart of Jerusalem. Please visit and partner with us - and remember us in your will, thereby granting Shalva, 'Peace of Mind', to hundreds of families.

0191 420 4292

British Friends of Shema Kolenu

0191 420 4292

British Friends of Shema Kolenu

0191 420 4292
Contact: Rachel Fisher
212 Alexandra Road,
Tyne & Wear
Registered Charity Number: 1090153

For many the cost of hearing aids and therapy might as well be a million pounds.

Deaf children, if given the correct early intervention, are able to integrate into mainstream society. If they miss out, few will ever catch up and will be dependent on us for the rest of their lives.

At Shema Kolenu early intervention, together with pioneering medical science and technology, are crucial to unlocking a child's ‘silent’ world. Our medical team, including ENT specialists, speech, musical and movement therapists, ensure that each child is accommodated along with their related/unrelated disabilities and we support the parents coping with this unexpected trauma and challenge. Our regional branches throughout Israel cater for all. Find out more by contacting

(0)20 8209 3010

British Friends of Shuvu

(0)20 8209 3010
Contact: David Blachman - Chairman
17 Golders Court
Woodstock Road
NW11 8QG
Registered Charity Number: 1100984

Shuvu is an educational and welfare network spanning 68 schools and kindergartens in Israel. The network's priority is to connect Jewish students and their families with their roots by giving them a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage. It was initially set up to help during mass immigration from Russia but now educates some 15,000 children and teenagers, many of whom are from secular, native Israeli families. Shuvu has been phenomenally successful, pioneering an education and outreach revolution by providing students with an excellent, high-level, secular and Jewish education. Shuvu's numerous programmes encompass counselling, financial and medical assistance for many disadvantaged families, and after school and parent education programmes, which include shabbatonim and holiday sessions.

(0)20 3463 8715

British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel

(0)20 3463 8715
Contact: Michelle Hyman - Executive Director
Floor 33
Euston Tower, 286 Euston Road
Registered Charity Number: 313008

The British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel (BFAMI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raise funds to support educational programmes run by the art museums of Israel. These programmes share the rich artistic culture and history of Israel alongside prominent international contemporary art, with future generations across all strata of society. We focus our fund-raising endeavours to support educational programmes targeted at more vulnerable social groups such as children from deprived backgrounds, terminally ill children in hospitals and new immigrants suffering from negative social stigma to name a few. Together with these we support programmes reaching the gifted and talented, as well as Israeli soldiers.

(0)20 8349 5757

British Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

(0)20 8349 5757
Contact: Nigel Salomon - Chief Executive
Supreme House
300 Regents Park Road
N3 2JX
Registered Charity Number: 209691

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's first and foremost University, an acclaimed educational and research institution of the highest calibre that has made an indelible impression both locally and internationally. It is regularly ranked in the world's top 100. It has played a critical role in the development of the State of Israel and Jewish life, benefiting all citizens whilst reaching out to cure, feed and heal the world. There isn't a single sphere of activity that has not in some way benefited: science; medicine; water-resourcing; plant, food and veterinary sciences; engineering and high tech; law; the arts, and Jewish studies. Invest in Israel's most important resource, its brainpower, with a donation or a legacy in your will.

020 8207 2627

British Friends of the Israel Free Loan Association

020 8090 3455

British Friends of the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind

020 8090 3455
Contact: Martin Segal - Executive Director
P O Box 756
Borehamwood, Herts.
Registered Charity Number: 1027996

Created in 1991, the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind was established to train and supply guide dogs to an increasing number of blind Israelis who were unable to obtain a dog from an English-speaking centre abroad. Hundreds of partnerships have now been created at our centre that is located not far from Rishon L'Zion at Beit Oved. Each partnership costs some 15,000 for the life long care of the guide dog, training and aftercare. A legacy or gift will help provide another pair of eyes to the growing number of blind persons who 'look' to us to help restore their independence and dignity.

(0)20 3286 4224

British Friends of the Jaffa Institute

(0)20 3286 4224
Contact: Simon Winters OBE
Catherine House
76 Gloucester Place
Registered Charity Number: 282049

Established in 1982, the Jaffa Institute is at the forefront of poverty alleviation in Israel. Our mission is to achieve a lasting solution to the poverty which has been entrenched within the communities of Jaffa, south Tel Aviv and Bat Yam for generations. In addition to providing educational programming designed to ensure that the children in our care graduate from high school and achieve a good standard of living as adults, our holistic approach also includes emergency and long-term care facilities for at-risk children, the provision of higher education scholarships to disadvantaged youths, musical enrichment programming, food distribution, vocational training courses and therapeutic care. Through over 30 different programmes, our services reach 4,000 Israelis on an annual basis.

020 8349 5129

British Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology

(0)20 8371 1500

British Friends of the Rambam Medical Centre

(0)20 8371 1500
Contact: Mrs Anita Alexander-Passe - Director
Flat 1, Opal Court
120 Regents Park Road
N3 3HY
Registered Charity Number: 1028061

Rambam Medical Center in Haifa aspires to lead in all aspects of medical care on behalf of the two million population living in Northern Israel. Paediatrics is a speciality as is research to increase knowledge of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases.

An underground emergency hospital in case of terrorist attacks has now been inaugurated.  The hospital is just by the port area in Haifa and near to chemical factories, and thus vulnerable to enemy action in times of war.  Incubators for babies, ventilators, beds for the burns unit, infusion pumps etc. etc. are all needed.

Bequests are truly appreciated for all departments.  Donations always acknowledged.   Plaques and commemorations available.

(0)16 1721 4418

British Friends of Tiferet Shlomo Orphanage Jerusalem

(0)16 1721 4418
Contact: Mr Michael Leitner - Secretary
16 Broom Lane
M7 4RR
Registered Charity Number: 1009951

Tiferet Shlomo provides a safe and loving home for neglected, orphaned and homeless children who originate from all over the world. Life on the streets leaves many disadvantaged youngsters open to juvenile delinquency and crime. Tiferet Shlomo was established to help these youngsters by providing them with comfortable accommodation, as well as religious, secular and vocational education in a stable and happy environment. £95 will support a child for a month at the orphanage. Your donation now, or a bequest in your will, will help to give another Jewish child the chance to begin again with real hope for the future. Contact us now for a leaflet or more information about how you can help.

020 8819 7655

British Friends of United Hatzalah Israel

09722 540 0058

British Friends of Yad Ezra VeShulamit

020 8952 2752

British Friends of Young Israel North Netanya

020 8458 5391

British Friends of ZAKA

(0)20 7446 8520

British ORT

020 8458 2241

British Supporters of Ephrat

0161 165 1767



(0)20 8202 9297

Camp Simcha

(0)20 8202 9297
Contact: Neville Goldschneider
The House
12 Queens Road
Registered Charity Number: 1044685

Founded in 1995, Camp Simcha exists to improve the quality of life for Jewish children in the UK with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Family Liaison Officers provide practical and emotional support to parents and an army of volunteers provides powerful positive experiences to children, including siblings. These experiences have the power to transform quality of life. They include Big Brother, Big Sister volunteers, parties and outings, special tailor-made treats, family retreats, a summer day scheme, respite care, hospital transport and many more services specifically designed to ease the immense stress that families suffer from. Camp Simcha provides all services free of charge to families from across the spectrum of Jewish observance and affiliation. The charity is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions.

020 2075 9982 / 07808 945 686

Cardiff Jewish Helpline

020 8455 9591

Care for the Needy of Jerusalem

+972 50 834 4585

Central Library for the Blind (The)

(0)20 8202 2211

Chai Cancer Care

(0)20 8202 2211
Contact: Lisa Steele - Chief Executive
144-146 Great North Way
Registered Charity Number: 1978956

Chai Cancer Care is the community’s cancer support organisation, providing a range of services including counselling for families, individuals and couples; complementary therapies; children, teenage and family services; home support services; group activities and support groups and the Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Service. Services are available to cancer patients and their families in the flagship North West London Centre, South London, Essex, Hackney, Southend, South Manchester, North Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Glasgow.

President: Lord Young; Chairman: Louise Hager; Chief Executive: Lisa Steele.

(0)20 8203 8455

Chana Charitable Trust

(0)20 8203 8455
Contact: Carolyn Cohen
23 Ravenshurst Avenue
Registered Charity Number: 1070196

One in six couples experience infertility; with Chana Charitable Trust, they are not alone. The pain of not having one’s own family is particularly acute in the Jewish community where the family is so central. Chana has helped hundreds of couples to better understand and deal with challenges of infertility and it has supported them every step of the way.

Chana provides specialist medical support and information, individual and couple counselling, a confidential Helpline and events highlighting medical information. The organisation is backed by an expert Medical Advisory Panel, sensitive to the needs of the Jewish community.

Chana relies on donations from the community to continue with, and further develop its work.

+972 52 766 1032

Chasdei Naomi

+972 9 962 9100

Childhood Eye Cancer Foundation

(0)20 8800 7494


(0)20 8800 7494
Contact: Jeffery Blumenfeld OBE - CEO
91 - 93 Stamford Hill
N16 5TP
Registered Charity Number: 1055646

Chizuk’s aim is to help individuals - and their families - in the Orthodox Jewish Community who have mental health problems, reducing their sense of isolation, building confidence and encouraging them to take their place in Society. Chizuk also offers help and support to those experiencing life crises.

Our services include art therapy, befriending, drop-in groups, family consultations, hospital visits, organising carers, advocacy and public events.

As the only mental health organisation that specialises in providing a religiously and culturally sensitive environment for its Orthodox Jewish users, Chizuk’s role is also educational, in that it helps to combat stigma by changing the way that mental health is viewed in the Community. Chizuk is a national service.

+972 52 232 2336

Committee for Ethiopian Jews in Safed (The)

020 8722 2120

Commonwealth Jewish Trust

020 8455 9960

Conference of European Rabbis

0141 162 2500

Cosgrove Care

020 7015 5160

Council of Christians and Jews

0161 172 8721

Council of Manchester & Salford Jews Charitable Trust

(0)20 8457 3700

CST (Community Security Trust)

(0)20 8457 3700
Contact: Fundraising Department
P O Box 35501
Registered Charity Number: UK: 1042391, Scotland: SCO43612

CST (Community Security Trust) is proud of Britain's diverse and vibrant Jewish community, and seeks to protect its many achievements from the external threats of bigotry, antisemitism and terrorism.

CST provides physical security, training and advice for the protection of British Jews. CST assists victims of antisemitism and monitors antisemitic activities and incidents. CST represents British Jewry to Police, Government and media on antisemitism and security.

CST believes that the fight against antisemitism and terrorism is an integral part of safeguarding our wider democratic British society against extremism and hatred.


01928 878 263

Delamere Forest School

0113 268 4248

Donisthorpe Hall

020 8357 0038

Dysautonomia Society of Great Britain


(0)20 7790 4965

East End Jewish Clothing Collection Fund

(0)20 7790 4965
Contact: Paul Kalisky
Finsbury Park Synagogue
220 Green Lanes
N4 2NT
Registered Charity Number: 1089593

Founded in 1994, the Clothing Collection Fund is a non-profit making organization. Proceeds from the sale of clothes and other donated goods are given to charities. Food parcels are distributed to the elderly and needy in the area. Sedarim are arranged and local projects are supported, helping handicapped children with learning disabilities. Good quality, unwanted clothing, bric-a-brac, toys, office/computer equipment and books are all required and we will be pleased to collect.

020 8381 3339

Edgware & District Communal Mikvah

020 8908 4151

Edinburgh House (Beth Holim)

0131 166 3144

Edinburgh Jewish Board of Guardians

+972 52 232 2336


+972 2 561 9425

Elul Elu v'Elu

020 8731 0777

Em Habanim (British Friends)

07758 727328

Empathy Counselling Services

020 8203 6066


020 8203 6066
Contact: Deborah Nathan - Director
Shield House
Harmony Way
Registered Charity Number: 215398

Emunah is a charity that helps disadvantaged and abused children and young adults. Emunah is one of the top providers of social welfare services throughout Israel, responsible for the care of 10,000 children and families every year. British Emunah supports 37 projects including children’s homes, day care centres, high schools and counselling services, providing a safe, nurturing refuge for Israel’s most desperate children at risk.

We help whoever needs our services, from many different backgrounds and nationalities – many children come to us because their parents can’t cope, they have been affected by drug abuse, alcoholism, illness or poverty. UK fundraising activities include our annual dinner, bridge lunch, Emunah Entertainment ticket agency, Emunah on Ebay, sponsored challenge events, local fundraising groups and more!

+972 3 540 0672 /+972 54 929 9499


+972 54 486 5014

ERAN - Emotional First Aid by Telephone

+972 52 613 0728

Ethiopian National Project (The)

+972 52 232 2336


020 8806 3131

Ezer MiKoidesh Foundation

(0)20 8458 9999

Ezer Mizion (British Friends of)

020 8211 7999

Ezra Umarpeh


020 8457 9169

Federation of Jewish Relief Organisations

020 8457 9169
Contact: Alfred Garfield FCA - Treasurer
HRS, Danescroft Avenue,
Registered Charity Number: 250006

FJRO was created in1919 and in the last ten years has developed numerous projects in Israel in cooperation with The Association for Children at Risk (therapeutic aid for autistic children), The Tel Aviv Foundation (projects for disadvantaged children and adults), and The Jaffa Institute (education for children from problematic backgrounds), and provided food and clothing for deprived families.

It has made donations towards a number of projects in England - particularly for Norwood - in addition to many other charities.

FJRO is also supported by the Christadelphian Community for the benefit of “The Children of Israel”.

Please consider us when making a donation or writing your Will, so that we can continue to offer these essential services to Jewish families in the UK and Israel.

(0)20 8202 2263

Federation of Synagogues

+972 72 250 7400


020 3209 6006

Finnart House School Trust

+972 4 698 0345

For Galilee Cycles

020 8457 4444

Forum for Jewish Leadership Ltd

(0)20 8883 4716

Friends of Alyn

(0)20 8883 4716
Contact: Mrs Maureen Lowry - Hon. Secretary
88 Ossulton Way
Registered Charity Number: 232689

ALYN Hospital, Israel's ONLY comprehensive paediatric and adolescent rehabilitation centre, is recognized as one of the world's leading specialists in the active and intensive rehabilitation of physically challenged children and young adults.

ALYN treats patients regardless of religious or ethnic background who suffer from a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions. More than 3,500 children, including some from abroad, are treated at ALYN Hospital every year. The ultimate aim of ALYN Hospital's multidisciplinary staff is to rehabilitate the youngsters in its care and to return them to their families and to the community as quickly as possible having helped them achieve the highest possible levels of function, mobility and independence.

020 8438 6353

Friends of AMIT Women UK

0161 179 8106

Friends of Asos Chesed

020 7372 6494

Friends of Bnei David

020 8371 5288

Friends of Hanoar Hatzioni

020 7432 1330

friends of ilan

020 8444 0777

Friends of Israel Educational Foundation

020 7935 5541

Friends of Israel Sport Centre for the Disabled

020 8203 7471

Friends of Jewish Servicemen and Women (The)

(0)14 1638 6116

Friends of Lubavitch Scotland

(0)14 1638 6116
Contact: Rabbi Chaim Jacobs - Scottish Regional Director
8 Orchard Drive
G46 7NR
Registered Charity Number: SCO31458

Lubavitch is one of the largest Jewish educational institutions in Glasgow. It is committed to reaching every Jew regardless of age, knowledge or commitment and provides a very wide range of educational and social for activities for Jews of all ages. These include Scotland's only kosher restaurant, Shul in the Park, and monthly visits to some 100 elderly and housebound people. Counselling and support is given for terminal illness, bereavement, and for marriage guidance, and against interdating, intermarriage and missionaries, all in the strictest confidence. No person is ever turned away from activities due to financial circumstances. No grants are received from head offices in London or New York. Legacies are required to secure the future of our work.

+972 9 950 5037

Friends of Miftanim

0800 075 7200

Friends of Nefesh B'Nefesh

0800 075 7200
Contact: Dov Newmark
65 Watford Way
Registered Charity Number: 1136918

Since 2002, Nefesh B'Nefesh has revitalized Western Aliyah by minimizing the financial, professional, logistical and social obstacles that potential Olim face. The organisation assists Olim throughout the entire Aliyah process, from the planning stage to well beyond arrival, helping ensure their successful absorption into Israeli society. To date, Nefesh B Nefesh has brought over 30,000 Olim, and has helped streamline their Aliyah by offering Employment Resources, Expedited Aliyah Processing, Group Aliyah Flights, Financial Assistance and Post-Aliyah Support Services. Working in close partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Israeli Government, we expanded our services to the UK in May 2006. Our ability to provide assistance for Olim, who are the lifeblood of the State of Israel, depends on charitable donations and legacies.

01753 388 220

Friends of Progressive Judaism in Israel

(0)20 8211 1023

Friends of Rachashei Lev

(0)20 8211 1023
Contact: Abraham Zonszajn - Trustee
22, St. John's Road
NW11 0PG
Registered Charity Number: 1085350

‘CANCER’ – the one word that can provoke our deepest fears. Nothing can be more important in Society than the health and welfare of our children. They represent our future and there is ample evidence that appropriate investment in their health and welfare pays unparalleled dividends for the future.

In the ever-advancing world of medicine, Rachashei Lev stays focused. With a team of 500 volunteers and 21 professional staff we offer ongoing quality recreational, educational and financial support programmes. We passionately believe in the power of fun to overcome the challenges that cancer brings. That’s why you’ll find that fun flows through absolutely everything we do – from our programmes to our entire philosophy.

020 7330 0000

Friends of Shavei Golah Charitable Foundation

020 8201 6661

Friends of the Federation of Zionist Youth

(0)20 3400 2361

Friends of the Israel Cancer Association

(0)20 3400 2361
Contact: Jonathan Morris - Honorary Treasurer
c/o Berwin Leighton Paisner
Adelaide House, London Bridge
Registered Charity Number: 260710

The Charity raises funds for the Israel Cancer Association (ICA). The ICA plays a prominent national role in the fields of detection, research, treatment and education, supporting oncological institutes, nationwide screening, patient care and information services.

020 7486 0111

Friends of the Israel Opera Trust

020 7993 4857

Friends of the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in WW2

(0)20 7435 0836

Friends of the Sick

(0)20 7435 0836
Contact: Nelly Brotzen
463a Finchley Road
Registered Charity Number: 210472

Friends of the Sick (Chevrat Bikkur Cholim) provides assistance to the sick and the frail in the Jewish Community. We believe no one should have to cope with illness or old age on their own. We send paid carers to look after our patients; some of them have little or no family support around them. Our approach is informal. We aim to respond promptly to requests for help. Many of our clients cannot afford the cost of our subsidised carers. Please help us make sure no one is turned away because of financial constraints.

020 8800 6017

Friends of Torah V'Emunah

+972 4 982 7135

Friends of Western Galilee Hospital

(0)20 3397 3363

Friends of Yad Sarah, London

020 8340 1664

Friends of Yeshivat Shefa (The)


+972 52 430 9848

Galilee Society (The)

0191 147 2616

Gateshead Talmudical College

01753 364 737

Gauchers Association

020 7443 5127


020 8458 1361

General Israel Orphans Home

+972 3 527 6497

Gesher El HaNoar

(0)20 8457 4429


(0)20 8457 4429
Contact: Michelle Barnett - Director
379 Hendon Way
Registered Charity Number: 1153393

GIFT is a grassroots organisation whose mission is to make a measurable difference by encouraging, educating and promoting a culture of giving and volunteering amongst young people. GIFT aims to create a new generation of activists, volunteers and supporters for all charities. GIFT is active in over 50 schools, cheders and youth clubs, teaching 'giving' in a practical way. GIFT inspires and encourages children to give one of their new birthday presents to the less fortunate, and provides tailor-made volunteering opportunities for children. GIFT volunteers regularly collect and distribute tons of surplus bread, fresh vegetables and food to local families, totalling 1700 people weekly, whilst the GIFT BOX initiative encourages shoppers to buy one extra item for those in need.

0141 127 0000

Glasgow Jewish Community Trust

0141 157 8200

Glasgow Jewish Representative Council

+972 2 993 9917

Gush Etzion Foundation (The)

+972 3 534 7230



+972 3 560 8185 ex 733

HaAguda Lezchuyot haezrach beyisrael

020 8209 2111


(0)20 7723 1144

Hadassah UK

+972 52 836 1202

Haifa Rape Crisis Center

01202 276 361

Hannah Levy Home

01508 847 002

Hashomer Hatzair

07802 216 684

Hatzola Northwest Trust

01923 385 100

Herzog Hospital - Jerusalem (British Friends of)

+972 3 638 8653

Hevrah Lehaganat Hateva

020 7760 1000

Hidden Legacy Foundation (The)

+972 4 864 3818


(0)20 7222 6822

Holocaust Educational Trust

(0)20 7222 6822
Contact: Karen Pollock MBE
BCM Box 7892
Registered Charity Number: 1092892, England & Wales. SC042996, Scotland

The Holocaust Educational Trust was founded in 1988 during the passage of the War Crimes Act, to raise awareness and understanding about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance.

We work in schools and higher education institutions, delivering innovative educational and teacher training programmes and producing groundbreaking resources. Through our Lessons from Auschwitz Project we have taken over 22,000 students and teachers to visit the Nazi concentration and death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Our aims are to educate every person from every background in the UK about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance, to teach the history of the Holocaust and to preserve the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust and those who survived.

+972 54 239 2574

Honest Reporting

01482 266 375

Hull Jewish Community Care

020 8202 2282

Huntingdon Foundation Ltd


ICE - Initiative for Choice in Education

+972 3 691 8403

IDF Widows and Orphans

020 8455 5059

Initiation Society

020 7436 1553

Institute for Jewish Policy Research

020 7679 3520

Institute of Jewish Studies

+972 2 650 5924

International Young Israel Movement - Israel

020 7414 0069

Iranian Jewish Centre

+972 52 344 9597

Israel Asia Center

01923 369 100

Israel Children's Centres (The)

+972 52 232 2336

Israel Forum for Equality of Civil Right and Obligations (The)

+972 8 681 3030

Israel Help

01923 343 732

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation

020 8203 4195

Israel Special Kids Fund - UK

+972 2 672 2618

Israel Trauma Coalition

07974 481 782

Israel-Diaspora Trust (The)

(0)20 8209 3155

Israeli Dance Institute (IDI)

(0)20 8209 3155
Contact: Maurice Stone - Chairman
Time House
56b Crewys Road
Registered Charity Number: 279801

The Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) is a UK educational charity which nurtures the flame of Jewish identity with Israel at its heart, through Israeli dance. We develop special programmes, train teachers and youth leaders, and run classes for new and experienced dancers. We work with teachers in some 30 schools working with over 4,000 children in the UK. We run a major summer course, Machol Europa, which brings teachers and enthusiasts from around the world. More than 18,000 children worldwide, in Jewish communities emerging or distressed, benefit from this programme. We also have four performing groups, from children to adults, which represent the community at communal and interfaith events.

+972 52 232 2336



(0)20 8732 6100

J N F Charitable Trust

0161 166 9124

JADDS (Jewish Autistic Deficit Disorders)

020 8952 5253

JAT (formerly Jewish AIDS Trust)

020 7828 0600

JCA Charitable Foundation

020 7486 7760

Jerusalem Foundation

+972 77 202 3400

Jerusalem Hills Theraputic Center (The)

+972 2 623 4347

Jerusalem Music Center (The)

020 8958 5390

Jewish Aged Needy Pension Society

020 8343 4156

Jewish Aid Committee

020 8905 4048

Jewish Association for Business Ethics

020 7323 4000

Jewish Association for the Physically Handicapped

020 8905 3125

Jewish Autism Trust

(0)20 8951 3881

Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service

(0)20 8951 3881
Contact: Trisha Curtis
c/o Maurice & Vivienne Wohl Campus
221 Golders Green Road
NW11 9DQ
Registered Charity Number: 1047473

The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service offers confidential counselling to individuals, couples, children and families in the Jewish Community who are experiencing loss.
JBCS also provides bereavement support groups:
Butterflies - for mums and dads (of young children) who have lost a parent.
Aftershock - for young adults (18 – 30 years) who have lost a parent.
Stepping Stones – for Jewish people (40 – 65 years) who have lost a partner.
As an independent organisation, the JBCS relies on donations and bequests.

(0)20 8371 6611

Jewish Blind & Disabled (JBD)

(0)20 8371 6611
Contact: Hazel Kaye - Chief Executive
35 Langstone Way
Bittacy Hill, Mill Hill East
Registered Charity Number: 259480

One in five people in the UK suffers from physical disability or impaired vision with most facing this as a shocking and unexpected diagnosis that threatens to disrupt the rest of their life. Jewish Blind & Disabled is the only Jewish charity dedicated to enabling people in this position to maintain their vital independence both through our unique developments of state-of-the-art mobility apartments with 24/7 on site support and, for those we are unable to house, through our new free-to-use online resource providing tailor-made information on products and ideas that can enable people to do essential everyday tasks wherever they may live.

Only through the generosity of our supporters are we able to continue to develop and manage these vital facilities.

020 8207 2627

Jewish Blind in Israel Association

020 7446 8771

Jewish Book Council

(0)20 8446 8804

Jewish Child's Day

(0)20 8446 8804
Contact: Melanie Klass
707 High Road
North Finchley
N12 0BT
Registered Charity Number: 209266

Jewish Child’s Day has been providing support for disabled, neglected, abused and underprivileged Jewish children in the UK, Israel and worldwide for more than 65 years.

It provides the tangible items required – wheelchairs, life-saving medical equipment, hearing stimulus and special educational materials to name but a few. Jewish Child’s Day also ensures that Jewish children receive the bare essentials such as food and clothing.

Relying entirely on the generosity of the community and receiving neither government nor statutory funding, Jewish Child’s Day grants provide Jewish children throughout the world the chance to make a better life for themselves.

020 7431 9866

Jewish Community Centre for London

020 8455 0896

Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE)

(0)20 8446 0502

Jewish Deaf Association

(0)20 8446 0502
Contact: Susan Cipin - Executive Director
Julius Newman House
Woodside Park Road
N12 8RP
Registered Charity Number: 1105845

Fact: almost everyone who reads this will be confronted with the trauma of hearing loss at some time in their lives - or most certainly have a loved one who will. Deafness can totally isolate people from family, friends and colleagues. 

 For over 60 years, JDA has provided professional, personalised care and support for everyone with a hearing loss. We support families after the devastating diagnosis of their newborn baby’s deafness; provide invaluable support services to help people of all ages adapt to traumatic changes as they lose their hearing, and give compassionate care to older Deaf and Deafblind people - who may have dementia and are vulnerable to abuse and cruelty - through daily life, illness, hospitalisation, bereavement and end-of-life care.

01707 737 732

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain

(0)20 8123 5022

Jewish Genetic Disorders (JGD UK)

020 8429 0269

Jewish Helpline (Miyad)

020 7723 5852

Jewish Historical Society of England

020 7266 9966

Jewish Institute for the Blind, Jerusalem

+1 310 424 3670

Jewish Jumpstart

(0)20 8989 8990

Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade

(0)20 8989 8990
Contact: Neil Martin
3 Beechcroft Road
South Woodford
London, E18 1LA
Registered Charity Number: 286950

Today’s Jewish young people have the energy and enthusiasm to shape and change their world in innovative and exciting ways that simply weren’t possible in previous generations.

Since 1895 the JLGB has trained and developed tens of thousands of young people to reach their potential through active citizenship, within both the Jewish and wider community, empowering them to become future leaders.

Encouraging friendship through achievement, recognition and personal development programmes, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the JLGB helps to prepare and enable young Jewish people to develop the essential life skills needed to help their transition from young person to adult life.

Young people represent the best possible investment in the future – help us to help them.

020 8458 4588

Jewish Learning Exchange

020 7250 3300

Jewish Literary Trust

020 8203 6311

Jewish Marriage Council

020 7724 7778

Jewish Memorial Council

020 7284 7384

Jewish Museum

020 7284 7384
Contact: Abigail Morris - Chief Executive
Jewish Museum London, Raymond Burton House,
Albert Street, London
Registered Charity Number: 1009819

The Jewish Museum celebrates the stories and preserves the objects of Jewish life in Britain. Through internationally-acclaimed exhibitions and award-winning learning programmes we share this heritage with visitors of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, including more than 13,000 schoolchildren who visit each year. We show the diversity of Jewish life from the domestic to the dramatic, from religious observance to political activism, from public service to military sacrifice.  We make sure these stories continue to be told.

We do all this without government funding for our core activities, and rely on the generosity of our donors, however and whenever they can help us.  For more information about our work, and how you can support us, now or in the future, please contact us.

020 7284 7384

Jewish Museum, The

020 7898 4307

Jewish Music Institute

020 8458 1710

Jewish Rescue and Relief Cttee

020 8455 0692

Jewish Vegetarian and Ecological Society

(0)20 8203 6427 Ext 2

Jewish Volunteering Network

020 8349 7199

Jewish Widows' and Students' Aid Trust

020 7443 5169

Jewish Youth Fund

+972 54 523 6712

Job Katif

020 8454 9700

Jonathan Fine Foundation

+972 52 621 6021

JRCC (The)


+972 2 580 6119

Karmey Chesed

+972 2 672 4878

Kehilat Kol HaNeshama

0161 179 2327

Keren Hamitzvos

+972 2 563 1419

Keren Hanan Ayner

07950 017 909

Keren Malki UK

020 8202 9689

Keren Yaldenu

+972 2 623 6116


020 8458 5836

Kesher - The Learning Connection

020 8216 2100

Kibbutz Representatives

+972 3 648 1824


020 8203 2233


020 8203 2233


020 8203 2233
Contact: Dr Beverley Jacobson - Chief Executive
54 Parson Street
Registered Charity Number: 271519

Kisharon transforms the lives of children and adults with a wide range of learning disabilities. It is the only Jewish organization providing education, supported living and a complement of adult services which include an employment programme, social enterprise opportunities and life skills courses. All of which are offered across the community. At Kisharon we believe equality is everyone’s right, whichever path they take. We provide a structured yet warm and caring environment that ensures every individual can meet their potential to live as independently as possible whilst integrating within the wider community. Please contact us for further information on how you can help or to make a donation.

0800 035 3587

KKL Wills & Inheritance Tax Solicitors

+972 57 227 6054

Knafayim - Because Art Has No Boundaries

+972 54 331 1742

koach Laovdim

+972 2 622 2455

Kol HaIsha

+972 52 423 7526

Krembo Wings


+972 3 575 0753

Lahav - The Association for the Promotion of Social Values

0845 600 6562 Ext 5


0845 600 6562 Ext 5
Contact: Deborah Samuel - Head of Fundraising
PO Box 640
Middx, HA8 4GL
Registered Charity Number: 1142742

Langdon enables Jewish youth and adults with learning disabilities to live the independent lives they deserve. We support them to gain qualifications, employment, to live in their own homes, develop real friendships and to make an active contribution back into the community.

Through Langdon’s supported living houses in London and Manchester, our members live in their own homes, with varying levels of support depending on individual needs. Here they gain independence in a safe and secure environment, living as a community within a community.

020 8905 6333

Larches Community

020 8905 6333

Larches Trust

020 8802 7684

Law of Truth Talmudical College

(0)20 7242 8300

League of Jewish Women

(0)20 7242 8300
Contact: Jackie Baines
ORT House
126 Albert Street
Registered Charity Number: 1104023

The League of Jewish Women is a long established charity founded in 1943. Our aims are to give service to the communities we live in, and to give hands-on help where there is a need, irrespective of ethnic grouping, gender or religion. We provide volunteer help in many diverse places such as schools, prisons, hospices and day centres. We work with other organisations such as Macmillan nurses, Witness and Victim Support and Jewish Care. We are the UK affiliate of the International Council of Jewish Women and therefore have worldwide links, and are also affiliated to other national women's organizations.

01132 248 211

Leeds Jewish Education Board (Talmud Torah)

01132 203 010

Leeds Jewish Housing Association

01132 218 848

Leeds Jewish Welfare Board

(020) 8209 0526


020 8346 2890

Leket UK

(0)20 8349 5600

Leo Baeck College

(0)20 8349 5600
Contact: Head of Fundraising
The Sternberg Centre for Judaism
80 East End Road
N3 2SY
Registered Charity Number: 209777

Established 1956 for the study of Progressive Judaism and the training of rabbis and teachers for congregations, communities and schools, Leo Baeck College is at the heart of Progressive Judaism. It provides a wide range of educational opportunities – from Rabbinic training and degrees in Jewish Studies and Jewish Education.

The College urgently needs funds to provide scholarships – particularly for Rabbinic students from Europe and the former Soviet Union, who would not otherwise be able to afford to study. Your donation will enable us to continue our vital work in providing the future leadership of the Jewish community.


020 7580 3493

Leo Baeck Institute

020 7631 9835

Liberal Judaism

+972 77 924 3777

Light Upon Education

020 8458 7965


01865 551 688

Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

020 8455 5938

London Academy of Jewish Studies

020 8349 9160

London Board for Shechita

020 8457 5000

London Jewish Cultural Centre

020 8209 1117

London Jewish Family Centre

020 8203 6427

London School of Jewish Studies

020 8800 0022

Lubavitch Foundation UK

020 8905 4141

Lubavitch of Edgware


(0)20 8457 2333

Maccabi GB

(0)20 8457 2333
Contact: Martin Berliner
Shield House
Harmony Way
London, NW4 2BZ
Registered Charity Number: 1098206

Maccabi GB plays a vital role within the community as the only provider of Jewish sport, health and wellbeing and educational activities in Great Britain. Our varied events engaged over 36,000 people in 2014. Our Community Sports Days, ‘Ability, Not Disability’ Programme and Weekly Sports Clubs demonstrate our ethos of ‘Sport for Everyone’ and our commitment to providing an outlet for Jewish people to get active, regardless of age, gender or ability. As the governing body of ‘Team Maccabi GB’, we represent the elite of Jewish sportspeople at international sporting events including the Maccabiah, JCC Maccabi Games and European Maccabi Games. We work with our affiliated clubs, sports leagues and the community by providing quality youth projects such as the Leadership Programme and Streetwise.

(0)20 8441 6051

Maccabi London Brady Recreational Trust

(0)20 8441 6051
Contact: Maccabi London Brady Recreational Trust
Rowley Lane Sports Ground
Rowley Lane
Arkley, Barnet
Herts, EN5 3HW
Registered Charity Number: 1149701

Maccabi London Brady provides quality sports and recreational facilities and opportunities for all. The 50-acre site includes tennis courts, netball courts, a bowls green, a cricket square and seven football pitches. Our all-weather pitch and floodlights, are used on a daily basis by schools and clubs.

Our school holiday schemes attract 100 kids a day; Noah's Ark Nursery runs from our premises and with Maccabi London Lions and Brady Maccabi fielding over 45 football teams, Maccabi London Brady is already the number one destination for Jewish youth. Our vision is to build a centre for the community, improving our facilities, therefore adding to our activities and training our own leaders.

We actively fundraise, but any donations are greatly appreciated

+972 18 100 947

Machsava Tova

020 8458 4363

Made in Heaven

(0)20 8201 5900

Magen David Adom UK

(0)20 8201 5900
Contact: Daniel Burger
Shield House
Harmony Way, off Victoria Way
Registered Charity Number: 1113409

Magen David Adom is Israel's only ambulance and medical emergency service. For over 60 years Magen David Adom UK has raised funds for medical equipment, ambulances, bloodmobiles and stations to benefit ALL Israel's citizens - Arabs, Christians, Druze and Jews. The organisation also collects and supplies 300,000 units of blood each year and is responsible for all Israel's first aid and pre-hospital medical emergency training. As a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Magen David Adom works internationally to share its support and expertise with those in need around the world. Magen David Adom is a non-Governmental, not-for-profit organisation that depends on the generosity of supporters like you to save more lives.

+972 52 601 4411

Magen Yehuda

020 7287 3830

Maimonides Foundation

(0)16 1740 0111

Manchester Jewish Community Care

0161 183 9879

Manchester Jewish Museum

0161 174 1068

Manchester Jewish Soup Kitchen

+972 52 232 2336

Manof Youth Village

07855 539287

March of the Living

+972 3 562 4091

Maria Kong Dancers Company

020 8455 9063

Medical Aid Committee for Israel

0161 196 4932


(0)84 5260 5604


+972 8 925 5507


020 8953 6474

Merephdi Foundation

+972 2 966 6621

Midreshet Eshel

+972 4 676 1038

Midreshet Hagolan

+972 2 996 3555

Midreshet Ma'aleh Hever

+972 5) 212 3441

Migrant Health IL

+972 2 561 9765


0151 173 2292

MJRC Charitable Ltd

0161 144 3533

Morris Feinmann Homes Trust

+972 9 774 6702

Mosdos Cleveland

020 8349 5686

Movement for Reform Judaism

020 3004 8994

my israel


+972 4 692 4646

National Religious Institute in Safed (The)

+972 3 607 2739

Ne'emanei Torah VeAvoda

(0)20 7724 2266

New Israel Fund

0141 162 2560

Newark Care

(0)20 8673 3495

Nightingale Hammerson

+972 4 670 3983

Nirim Foundation

0161 178 7898


+972 54 797 7010

Nitzanim LeAtid

01159 962 038

Nottingham Jewish Housing Association


(0)20 8457 2618

Ohel Sarah (British Friends)

(0)20 8457 2618
Contact: Sophie Ezra - Chief Executive
137 - 139 Brent Street
Registered Charity Number: 1004992

Ohel Sarah supports 400 students with special needs from the age of six until end of life. Our commitment is to ensure that our programmes meet every student’s individual needs.  This is relevant for our older students who live longer and need routine and constant stimulation.

There may come a time when you decide you’d like to do something in memory of a loved one - or you would like to be remembered.  Please contact us to find out how your donation will go towards the lifelong care of these very special children, young people and adults.  We offer them care, devotion and compassion through a network of schools, employment and residential facilities. You can give us the means to continue our vital work.

020 8800 2312

Ohr Hatorah Chassidus Library

+972 52 232 2336

Olim for Improving Israel

020 8458 1700

One Family UK

(0)20 8343 4156

One to One

(0)20 8371 1500

Operation Wheelchairs Committee

(0)20 8371 1500
Contact: Mrs Anita Alexander-Passe
Box jcg
Flat 1 Opal Court, 120 Regents Park Road
N3 3HY
Registered Charity Number: 263089


Since 1971, on a completely voluntary basis, the Committee has purchased medical equipment for many hospitals in Israel, including the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa and the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.  Wonderful hospitals offering the very best in medical care and expertise.

Commemorative plaques can be affixed to equipment and dedication ceremonies arranged.

Why not celebrate that special simcha by asking friends and family to dedicate their gifts for the purchase of life-saving medical equipment and also to help the disabled to regain their mobility, confidence in their lives and self esteem?

Bequests truly welcomed and all donations appreciated and acknowledged.




+972 52 232 2336

Or Hamelech

+972 2 571 4878

Or La Olam

+972 3 904 441

Or Menachem

+972 39 606 137/8

Or Simcha

+972 3 632 2133

Or Ve Haim

0161 174 3456

Outreach Community & Residential Services

01708 782934

Oxford & St George's Jewish Youth Trust

(0)1865 610422

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

(0)1865 610422
Contact: The President
Clarendon Institute
Walton Street
Registered Charity Number: 309720

The Centre provides Jewish Studies teaching at the University of Oxford from undergraduate to doctoral level, and promotes research into the unique collections of the Bodleian Libraries and its own Muller Library by offering opportunities and facilities for visiting scholars to work and cooperate on research projects each year.

We are solely dependent on private benefactions. The Centre’s Annual Report is available in print on request and in electronic form at:


(020) 8203 6427


(0)20 8455 4996

Paperweight Trust (The)

(0)20 8455 4996
Contact: Bayla Perrin
61 Woodlands
NW11 9QS
Registered Charity Number: 1146302

Bereaved, separated, divorced, partner with dementia? Alone and unable to cope? At a time of crisis, The Paperweight Trust provides a trained and personal team of caseworkers who come to you. We deliver :
● a proactive approach to debt management and household expenditure
• intervention with creditors to stabilise the problem.
• correspondence with banks, taxman, councils, utilities.
• a clear route through baffling bureaucracy and benefits.
• we also help complete forms, including probate.

We can direct clients to legal, accountancy or investment advice. We will act as advocate and review documents for Beis Din or Court, particularly in matters of divorce settlements, Get issues and child contact, drafting in expert opinion when necessary.

02920 048 327

Penylan House

0800 055 3276

Phone and Learn


+972 2 648 2757

Rabbis for Human Rights

+972 2 999 4716

Ramat Shilo - Ramat Beit Shemesh

0800 234 6236

Raphael - The Jewish Counselling Service

0800 234 6236
Contact: Sara Cooper - Head of Clinical Services
PO Box 172
Middlesex, HA7 3WB
Registered Charity Number: 278522

Established in 1979, Raphael offers confidential counselling to the broad based Jewish community in London, the Home Counties and Redbridge area, through its team of professional counsellors. Initial consultations are offered to those who make confidential contact either through our 24-hour answerphone or by emailing via our website.

Thereafter, where appropriate, clients will be referred to counsellors for weekly sessions. Clients are expected to pay for counselling sessions.  No-one is turned away if they are unable to pay the full amount.

We have no direct, regular, source of income and are continually grateful for the financial support received from donations and grants from individuals and trusts, as well as legacies, which enable us to continue our vital and valuable service to the community.

020 8346 4000


020 8201 0800

Respite Kids

+972 3 695 0090

Reut Institute (The)

(0)20 8455 9579

Rishon Multiple Sclerosis Aid Group

+972 52 232 2336

Rosh Pina Community Center

+972 2 532 8534

Ruach Chaim


+972 2 993 8423

Sadnat Shiluv Bat Ayin

020 8201 8111

SAGE Care for the Elderly

07960 078 603

SAJE (Strategic Alliance for Jewish Education)

020 8906 4455

Scopus Jewish Educational Trust

0141 332 4911

Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

(0)20 8958 0820


+972 52 232 2336

Sefer Torah in memory of Malcolm Restan

+972 03 688 6514 ex 6

Sela - The performing arts studio

020 7289 2573

Sephardi Centre (The)

(0)20 8201 8933

Shaare Zedek UK

(0)20 8201 8933
Contact: Simi Ben Hur
766 Finchley Road
NW11 7TH
Registered Charity Number: 1143272

Imbued throughout with Jewish values, the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem is renowned for its unparalleled levels of medical excellence, care and compassion for all - regardless of race, religion or financial circumstances. However, this world class hospital does not receive any government funding for equipment or development and so is dependent on donations and legacies for these essential elements.

As Jerusalem’s busiest hospital Shaare Zedek plays a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of this special city. In turn, Shaare Zedek’s friends in the UK play a crucial role in enabling the hospital to maintain and develop its international reputation.

+972 3 602 3300

Shalom Achshav

020 8202 4005

Shatnez Centre Trust

+972 2 571 4878

Shemaya - Educational Program for the Hearing-impaired

+972 52 232 2336


020 8211 0901

Side by Side

(0)20 8418 2100

Sidney Gold Community Trust Fund

(0)20 8418 2100
Contact: Richard Shone
Sinclair House
Woodford Bridge Road
Essex, 1G4 5LN
Registered Charity Number: 292431

The Fund, established in honour of the late Dr I Sidney Gold, first President of the Redbridge Jewish Youth & Community Centre, promotes the Doris and Sidney Gold/RAGS Scholarships. The driving concerns of his life were young people, Israel and Jewish community service and appropriately these scholarships combine all three elements. Selected Jewish students in the Essex area are assisted in funding a pre-university year on an approved study and training course in Israel with the understanding that they have a commitment to future communal involvement. The scheme's success over nearly two decades has been the number of the Scholars who have become deeply involved in community leadership. Extra funds will enable more worthy young people to be assisted.

020 8455 7569

Society for Jewish Study

020 8800 6687

Society of Friends of the Torah

020 7723 9991

Spiro Ark

020 7497 8654

Springboard Charity

020 7404 6559


(0)15 1724 3260

Stapely Residential and Nursing Home

020 7446 8670

State of Israel Bonds

020 8802 2362

Step by Step

0191 149 0195

Sunderland Talmudical College and Yesh

(0)20 7724 7434

Supporters of Israel's Dependants


020 7486 0111

Talia Trust UK

(0)20 7495 6824

Technion UK

+972 4 633 3505


020 7813 1932

Tel Aviv Foundation

(0)20 7446 8790

Tel Aviv University Trust

(0)20 7446 8790
Contact: Cara Case - Chief Executive
126 Albert Street
Registered Charity Number: 314179

The Tel Aviv University Trust supports Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel’s most prestigious and comprehensive institution of higher learning. TAU represents Israel at its best- dynamic, innovative and forward-looking. In 2015, TAU was the top ranking Israeli higher education institution worldwide.

TAU has over 29,000 students enrolled at 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and arts, and operates Israel’s largest biomedical teaching and research complex with seventeen affiliated hospitals. Cutting- edge scientific advances made at TAU are reinforced through ties with the world’s leading research institutions.

TAU offers a broad range of giving opportunities from supporting ground-breaking medical research to providing scholarships to promising students. With many options available, each gift can be personalised to suit your interest.

+972 9 796 5880

Therapeutic Riding Center of Israel (The)

020 8912 1212


(0)20 8209 9104

Tikva UK

(0)20 8209 9104
Contact: Karen Bodenstein - Executive Director
2nd floor, Lyttleton House
Lyttelton Road
N2 0EF
Registered Charity Number: 1151993

Tikva's core mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Odessa, Ukraine. Tikva provides a loving home, essential social services, a quality education, while revitalising the growing Jewish community of Odessa, and provides an opportunity for a brighter future through immigration to Israel. The lives of more than 3,000 men, women, and children have changed significantly through programmes including the Tikva Boys' and Girls' Homes, which cares for 160 children aged six to sixteen, an Infants' Home for 40 children, a university dormitory catering for 110 students, a Day Care Centre for 125 children and primary and secondary schools, teaching over 750 Jewish children from Tikva's homes and the Odessa region.

+972 2 631 0803


020 8371 3280


020 8802 6853

Trust for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe

020 3603 8120


+972 54 305 4051


020 8458 0416

Tzivos Hashem


(0)20 7424 6400

UJIA - United Jewish Israel Appeal

(0)20 7424 6400
Contact: Michael Wegier - Chief Executive
37 Kentish Town Road
Registered Charity Number: 1060078 England and Wales: SC039181 Scotland

UJIA changes lives by investing in young people in Israel and in our Jewish community. In the under-resourced Galil region we are creating new educational and employment opportunities through schools, colleges and community projects.

In the UK we underpin the crucial ladder of Jewish and Israel engagement, by supporting youth movements and organizations, schools and educational programmes in Israel.

020 8202 2323

UK Friends for Further Education in Israel

020 7724 6060

UK Friends of Awis

+972 52 6633 766

UK Friends of Natal

+972 52 6633 766
Contact: Ifat Natal
Hillsdown House, 32 Hampstead High Street,
Registered Charity Number: 1137662

Over 70% of children in Sderot suffer from at least one symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With the constant bombardment of rockets on their homes over the last fourteen years, thousands of children in Southern Israel don't know any other reality.

Since its founding in 1998, NATAL, an apolitical, non-profit organization, has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in Israel who suffer from trauma, through our unique Helpline, Clinic and Mobile Unit.

Help us help them! Please donate today. To make a tax-deductible donation via the UK Friends of NATAL please visit our website.

All operating expenses are covered by our Chairperson, Judith Yovel Recanati, meaning that 100% of donations go directly to support our services.

01923 335 117

UK Friends of the Abraham Fund Initiatives

020 8953 6474

UK Friends of the Schneider Children's Hospital

020 8953 6474
Contact: James Larholt - Treasurer
29 The Rise
Registered Charity Number: 1127678

Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel is a paediatric tertiary care hospital, providing medical care from birth to age eighteen.

Since its inception in 1991, Schneider Children’s has made an indelible contribution to Israeli healthcare and is Israel’s leading children’s hospital in the fields of bone marrow and organ transplants; endocrinology and diabetes; oncology, and cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.  The Medical Center has the busiest emergency room in the country, and has pioneered advanced surgical, therapeutic and research protocols.

Schneider Children’s treats children in Israel and from neighbouring countries, serving as a ‘bridge to peace’ in the region.

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UK Jewish Film

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UK Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

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Union of Jewish Students

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Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations

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United Hatzalah Israel (British Friends)

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United Synagogue

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University Jewish Chaplaincy


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Weizmann UK

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Registered Charity Number: 232666

Weizmann UK supports and raises awareness of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. It is one of the world’s highest ranking multidisciplinary scientific research institutes. Its dedicated scientists are working on over a thousand projects ranging from Alzheimer’s to astrophysics, from cancer to computer science, from nutrition to nanotechology. They are following their curiosity to make discoveries that aim to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Our role at Weizmann UK is to fundraise to support the Institute’s invaluable work and communicate its scientific breakthroughs. We promote collaboration between the Institute and UK Universities and we encourage sixth-form students to take part in the Institute’s educational programmes. We host events to fundraise for and show-case the extraordinary work of the Weizmann Institute.

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Western Charitable Foundation

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Westminster Synagogue Memorial Scrolls Trust

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Wiener Library Endowment Appeal

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Wingate Institute Charitable Trust

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Wingate Youth Trust

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Woolf Institute

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World Jewish Relief

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Registered Charity Number: 290767

World Jewish Relief is the UK Jewish community’s international humanitarian agency.

The expertise that we have developed over more than 80 years means that we tackle Jewish poverty, primarily in the Former Soviet Union, and reach beyond our community.

We create opportunities for those out of work or living with disability to become self-reliant; we meet the physical and emotional needs of older people; and we respond to the immediate and longer-term recovery needs of those affected by catastrophic disasters worldwide.

We work through trusted local partners, enabling individuals and communities to support themselves.

We do all of this as an expression of the Jewish ethos to: ‘Anticipate charity by preventing poverty’ (Maimonides).


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Yad Eliezer Trust

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Yad Vashem - UK Foundation

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Registered Charity Number: 1099659

The Yad Vashem - UK Foundation, believes in the importance of educating, imparting and bequeathing to future generations, the legacy of the Holocaust. The Foundation bears the responsibility of passing the torch of remembrance from the Survivors to the coming generations. We support the work of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and strive to raise public awareness by initiating or supporting educational programmes from a Jewish prospective, for Holocaust educators, teachers and students.

There were six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust; many had no family left to remember them. Guardian of the Memory aims to ensure that every Jewish victim has a memorial candle lit in their memory on Yom HaShoah and Holocaust Memorial Day. To learn more please visit

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Yad Voezer

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Contact: Zelda Landau - Chief Executive
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Registered Charity Number: 1032490

Care and support for children and adults in the Jewish community with learning disabilities /mental health problems. Services include residential/ respite care, supported housing schemes, soap workshops, Sunday and holiday clubs, day care, employment schemes, advice, and family support. Services are managed and operate within the London N16 area.

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Yakar Educational Foundation

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Yeladim BeSicuy

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Yeshivat Meir Harel

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Youth Aliyah Child Rescue

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Contact: Nelly Ebert - Executive Director
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Registered Charity Number: 1077913

Youth Aliyah was born in 1933 to rescue children from the Nazis and bring them safely to Palestine. Today we aim to transform the lives of abandoned and deprived children from all over the world by giving them a new chance in life within a supportive, caring environment in Israel.

Some have been designated as ‘at-risk’ by the Israeli Child Care Authorities due to poverty, neglect or abuse. Others include both orphans and those whose parents are unable to provide their children with the skills to live successful and fulfilling lives within Israeli society. Highly acclaimed educational and therapeutic programmes raise the children from despair of poverty and abuse to become outstanding individuals in their own right and a true asset to Israel.

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Youth Direct


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Zemel Choir

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Zichron Menachem (British Friends of Zichron Menachem)

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Contact: Eli Seliger - Chairman
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Registered Charity Number: 1102612

Suppose you are a parent whose child has been diagnosed with cancer and your whole world has come to an end. Suppose you are a boy or girl, suddenly in pain and discomfort, being examined and prodded by doctors, living in hospital away from your family and friends. Now relax because there is a loving, caring organization that can bring hope out of despair. The therapeutic effect of all that Zichron Menachem does, including its Jerusalem Day Centre and camps in the UK and Holland has to be seen to be believed. ZM services are available to all Israeli families.

We cannot take the sickness away from the child but Zichron Menachem takes the child away from the sickness.

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Zionist Federation Shalom Foundation

Ziv Neurim

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